Roster for 2017

St Phillips Anglican Hall
Cnr. Shaftsbury and Clanalpine Streets, Eastwood, N.S.W.

18th February Margaret McDonald Judy Own Choice
18th March Sandy Scott Judy Jesus wept three times
1. When Lazarus died
2. Because of Peter's Denial
3. Over what was happening to Jerusalem
4. Have we made Jesus weep?
22nd April Joy Hunter Judy Proverbs which have guided us
20th May Margaret McDonald Judy An unexpected encounter
17th June Carole Reece Judy How we survived OR
proverbs which have guided us
15th July Jo / Wendy Crawford Judy AGM
The importance of practical Christianity
19th August Wendy Crawford Judy Favourite Psalm
23rd September Beverly Tyson In-house seminar Robyn Tallon
Steps to publishing
28th October Sandy Scott Judy Memories
18th November

Christmas Lunch
NORMAL TIME: 1.30 - 3.30     SEMINAR TIMES: 10.00 - 4.00


In these themes we see apologetics, autobiography, devotions, history, entertainment, a place for emotions, information and Bible study.  These were suggestions from members to extend our writing skills and put them to further use. Let's take up the challenge they present. You can send your work limited to 1000 words for a critique with a stamped self-addressed envelope included to:

contact Margaret McDonald

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