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Bill's Decision

'Bill's Decision', a book by Pat Rich
by Pat Rich

Nothing had worked out as Bill had hoped. He was thirteen, the leader of is own band, yet life had not been the same since he had made the decision to do things his own way.

Violent storms, bordering on mini-cyclones, had wrecked homes and his wonderful beach. Finding a smuggler's cave had led to tragedy that he had not expected. An escaped convict was after his family and the life he had once enjoyed seemed to have disappeared forever.

Forgiveness was another thing he had to re-learn and he was wondering if he should turn back to Nana's best friend for help after all. But would that work?

This adventure story, the sequel to "Cindy's Fear" is Bill's story, and that of his mates. It brings more excitement and terror to Bill and his friends, Greg and Jenny as they try to overcome complications that have been happening in their beach-side suburb of Navanda, on the Eastern coast of Australia.

This new Australian novel is for both boys and girls who will love the adventures to be found in these pages.

A new tale from the author of "Cindy's Fear" and "Horizons of Hope".

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Horizons of Hope

'Horizons of Hope', a book by Pat Rich
by Pat Rich

"Emma lay in bed, listening to his footsteps, a bolt of fear running the length of her spine. Kay had locked the bedroom door before she left, but Emma wouldn't feel safe until her big sister was home. Len was drunk as usual, and there was no telling what he would do if he got into one of his moods again...

Kay rushed through the icy rain, desperate to return to her little sister. She hated the way their lives had turned out since Father's death, living with their sadistic stepmother and her live-in boyfriend. She despised what she herself had become. But there was no way out, unless...

Kay suddenly remembered the kind young man at the local church, and the work he did with street kids. 'It's too late for me," thought Kay, 'but maybe he can do something for poor little Emma. She deserves better than this! At that moment Kay decided that she had to act- fast."

Could this be the first ray of hope on the horizon?

A brilliant new Australian novel from the author of "Cindy's Fear".

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Captured Moments

'Captured Moments', a compilation of the works
                of various ACWF members
"Captured Moments" is a compilation of the works of various ACWF members

To quote the preface of this collection: "Here is a group of articles, poems and stories capturing the thoughts of writers who associate with the Australian Christian Writers Fellowship. These writers have captured on paper various streams of thought. Their ideas have not stayed in their minds but have been set free to roam. Now you the reader can share these once imprisoned thoughts. Essentially this book is about the sharing of minds."

The latest collection of the combined works of ACWF members.

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A Gem of a Life

'A Gem of a Life', a book by Beryl Kirkwood
by Beryl Kirkwood

This is the story of a shy young girl who felt she had little to offer but all she was and had she gave to God. That gift was accepted and from this simple step God led her in remarkable ways.

It is written from a family perspective including living cross culturally for fifteen years. There are glimpses into various roles she fulfilled during her long life as daughter, friend, nurse, wife, mother, missionary and ministry colleague.

Many things were unpredictable, some not understood, others painful. The story will strike a chord with readers who reflect on their own personal and family experiences. It is one that inspires the reader to live with discipline that arises from faith, hope and love.

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Our Little Messenger, Lou

'Our Little Messenger, Lou', a book by Pat
by Pat Rich.

Louisa's story captures the reader from the very first page. It makes you laugh and cry as it is a true story that will touch your heart and soul. Lou only wanted to be loved and accepted. God called the Rich family to do just that and in return she gave them so much more. She taught them to accept people for who they were; to love rather than to be loved.

"Lou became our little messenger and the greatest gift we had ever been given. She will live in our hears forever and those who meet her through this book will never forget her, or her story of love and acceptance. This is God's story of how He changed the lives of our large family with His gift of love for a child in need."

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Vanessa's Triumph

'Vanessa's Triumph', a book by Pat Rich
by Pat Rich

It was the year 1938 and Vanessa was an orphan. She longed to be part of a real family again with the real love she had received from her beloved Granddad, who had now died. She was only nine yeas of age and had been taken to live with an elderly Aunt who seemed impossible to love.

Vanessa was in despair. Where had all that love gone? It was not in this tall dismal house. Would she ever be able to share this special love her grandfather had taught her? Could she ever bring some joy into her Aunt's home? Was she ever going to find a friend she could keep who would meet with her Aunt's approval?

Vanessa's story gives her the answer in many different ways. Maybe some day she would be able to love this Aunt who seemed to have no love to give.

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'Patsy', a book by Pat Rich
by Pat Rich

This is the story about the life and times of a girl and her friends growing up in an innocent age.

Then in 1939 the war with Hitler's Germany broke into this innocent world, changing the lives of Patsy and her friends.

Later, on the 6th December 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbour. And Australia was also at war with another nation as well as Germany.

This tale brings to light what being a teenager during those horrific years of war was all about. How people joined together to keep their country going while their men were fighting to bring peace to a terrified world which seemed to be losing all hope of winning.

But they were to find that God was in control, and eventually the war was over and peace was declared and we began to rebuild the country we loved so well.

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Jenny's Hidden Secret

'Jenny', a book by Pat Rich
by Pat Rich

Just when Jenny Evans' life was returning to normal, her nightmare returns. To everyone Jenny is a normal 15 year old who loves hanging out at the beach, and happens to be the lead singer in her friend Bill's school band. Simon, her step father was back, and Jenny was scared.

How could her own mother, allow him back into her life for a seond time? The terror she feels is more than anyone should have to deal with on their own. Luckily for Jenny, she has the shoulders of her friends, both old and new. to lean on, but is that enough to get Jenny through this time of danger?

Then alarmingly, three brothers are taken in at the Embers, where young street kids sheltered until a foster home was found for them. Nobody was prepared for the effects each of the brothers would have on this quiet town, or on Jenny herself. After all that she has been through, this drama seems impossible to overcome. In the end she finds that with the help from Bill, Greg, Cindy, Nana and her best friend, she has more courage than she ever knew.

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